A Trip to Dassault’s Falcon Jet Production Facility in Bordeaux, France

Ted Fang, founder of Tera Capital, Tera Partners, Tera Realty (Tera Sotheby's) in France
Ted Fang at Dassault / Bordeaux, France / 2016

Ted Fang, founder of Tera Capital, Tera Partners & Tera Realty (Tera Sotheby’s)

*This article first appeared on 14 October 2016 as adapted from an article written by Karen Tee, The Peak Magazine. All information is subject to change without notice.

Source: https://www.thepeakmagazine.com.sg/lifestyle/experience-life-as-a-local-while-on-holiday/

With iconic landmarks, there are boundless reasons why Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. But when Ted Fang, founder of private investment firm Tera Capital, headed to France, the usual tourist attractions barely caught his attention

An aviation and design enthusiast, Fang, who is the co-founder of hospitality company Frontier Group, planned his trips around visits to the Airbus and Dassault Falcon jet production facilities. “I wanted to see for myself the process of how jets are built,” says Fang, who went on a private tour of Dassault’s Bordeaux facility last year. “It is quite a sight to have such a high-tech facility right in the middle of the wine country. The level of technology and know-how that the company has accumulated is truly amazing and the visit gave me a very good idea of what the people at Dassault think about when designing jets.

“These visits give me deeper insights into French craftsmanship, design and ideas. Their creative process is amazing – just look at their products.”

“It is also worth noting that Dassault Rafale fighter jets are manufactured alongside Dassault Falcon private jets in the facility.”

From indulging in individual passions to seeking out alluring lawyer experiences while on vacation, the new breed of travellers such as Fang are reinventing what it means to go on a holiday.

Hosted flag of Singapore and France at Dassault Aviation

Ted Fang is a consultant and advisor based in Singapore. He is the founder of Tera Capital & Tera Realty (Tera Sotheby’s Realty). Ted Fang is also the co-founder of Frontier Group. Frontier Group is a hotel management company that he founded alongside his two brothers. Together they acquired the Days Inn master franchise for Greater China from Wyndham Worldwide in 2003. Fang also acquired the Sotheby’s Realty franchise in 2018 to cater to the Greater Shanghai market in China.

Ted Fang was also a national squash player representing Singapore in both the British Junior Open (under 19) held in Dartfort, England in 1983 and Malaysian Junior Open in 1984.

Ted Fang‘s experience include investments and hospitality management.

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